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When is the Best Time for Senior Photos?

By May 7, 2024No Comments
High school senior girl portrait

Juniors!! Can you believe you are almost to your LAST YEAR of high school?? I can just hear the parents cringing. It’s a monumentous time of transition, reflection and celebration. Your senior portraits capture this time in your life marking the shift from adolescence to adulthood. But when’s the best time to book your senior session?

For high school seniors, it comes down to one big question: spring, summer, or fall?

It’s a rare teen who wants a snow session mid-winter (but if you’re game, I LOVE them). Each season brings its own special charm, with distinct advantages and things to consider. Let’s go through some of the pros and cons of each.

Spring is one of my favorite times to photograph. Spring flowers are out, trees are blooming and there is so much vibrant color! If you’re all about fresh starts and the beauty of blossoms, spring might just be your perfect backdrop.

Spring offers a picturesque setting, with trees decked out in delicate blossoms and vibrant flowers adding natural elegance to your senior portraits. Spring’s moderate temperatures mean you can pose comfortably outdoors, without sweating bullets or shivering in the cold. The season’s theme of growth and renewal mirrors the changes you’re going through as you gear up for life after high school.

But, also …
Spring brings unpredictable weather. Springtime can be a bit fickle, with sudden rain showers or gusts of wind throwing a wrench into outdoor plans. Idaho is known to even have a snow shower or two even into JUNE – you just never know. Spring sessions require some flexibility and willingness to reschedule if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Popular spots might also be packed with others enjoying the spring scenery, making it tricky to find quiet corners for your shoot. Spring can also be fletting – one day the trees are in full bloom, the next day every last bloom seems to have blown away. Just as with Fall color, the timing is sometimes risky.

So, maybe Summer?
If you thrive in the sunshine and crave outdoor adventures, summer could be calling your name. Long summer days mean plenty of opportunities for that magical golden hour photography, with soft, warm light casting a flattering glow. If you love flowing sundresses and shorts, summer might be your vibe. Whether you are looking for lush green parks, urban backdrops or golden fields, summer offers a variety of outdoor settings. The weather is far more predictable, making the chance of needing to reschedule much lower. Summer also offers the relaxation of knowing you don’t have school the next day! Scheduling is much simpler without needing to work around school sports and projects.

Then again …
It can be HOT! The summer heat can turn outdoor photoshoots into sweaty affairs, with makeup melting down and our energy wilting in the sun. And while you might not have school to worry about, summer’s prime time for vacations, jobs and other commitments, which can make scheduling your portrait session a bit of a juggling act.

OK, what about Fall?
If you’re all about cozy sweaters, crisp air, and the beauty of autumn foliage, fall could be your ideal setting. The beauty of fall leaves makes for stunning backdrops, with trees ablaze in reds, oranges, and golds. Fall’s cool, crisp air provides relief from the summer swelter, creating ideal conditions for outdoor shoots. Fall fashion opens up a world of styling possibilities, with cozy sweaters and layered looks adding depth to your portraits.

But again, Fall can bring variable weather. While fall often boasts clear skies and mild temps, it’s not immune to surprises like sudden rain or early snow, which can throw a wrench into outdoor plans. Fall foliage comes and goes quickly, so timing is key to capturing those peak colors and creating the perfect autumn vibe.

To sum it up, whether you’re a springtime dreamer, a summertime adventurer, or a fall sweater-weather fanatic, each season has its own perks and challenges for seniors planning their portrait sessions. By looking at the pros and cons of each season, you can pick the perfect backdrop to match your style, personality, and vision, ensuring your senior pictures are timeless reminders of this unforgettable chapter in your life.

Let’s set up a consultation and figure out which season is best for you!

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