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The Power of Print

By March 2, 2023April 1st, 2024No Comments
Photo of woman and girl in Sun Valley, ID

I’ll Admit It. I am Biased.

As a professional photographer based in Boise, ID (and serving Sun Valley, ID), I have a bias. I believe that the power of the printed image is stronger than digital images. That might be a controversial statement in some circles… after all, our world is digital. But you know the old cliché about what you would grab in the event of a house fire. 99% of the time, it’s photo albums. Printed, physical photos. There is something about the power of print.

I create images of you and your family to be viewed and enjoyed on a daily basis. Be honest… how often do you go back and look at old images on your phone? And if those images were printed in your home where you could look at them daily? Don’t even get me started on the psychological studies that show the impact on kids of having family photos up in the home. That’s for another post, but trust me. It matters!

I procure my products from high-end printing labs who only work with professional photographers. My specialty is creating breathtaking images… their job is to provide the highest quality archival products that can be passed down to the next generation. The paper, leather, frames, coatings… they are all of the highest quality so that your images can be enjoyed for decades.

Does that mean I don’t believe in digital images? Absolutely not. Our world is digital these days… with social media and cell phones in our pockets at all times, we want access to our images in a digital format. That’s why I provide screen-optimized copies of every printed image you purchase. I will provide you with a cell phone app that holds your cherished images in one place (no scrolling forever to find them!). But for me, this is secondary. I want you to look at your images! You are investing in the experience of a photo session… why hide the images away? Display them for others to see, but most importantly, for you and your family to enjoy!